About Pro Pick'em Squares

Pro Pick'em is excited to announce the release of a brand new pool just in time for the Super Bowl.

We're now offering a Squares Pool (also known as a Box Pool or a Super Bowl Pool or Super Bowl Squares).

The pool is available for a one time total fee of $5 per pool, which allows for up to 100 players.
You can try it out for FREE with no time limits, but it will cost $5 to activate and lock pool picks.

What will you get for FREE?


You can set up pools, set max picks per pool, invite users, make picks, add custom messages/rules, and you get the dedicated support Pro Pick'em is known for.

So you can get you pool started with no limits other than the final step of activating the pool and locking picks before game time.
This allows you to test all of the features and try to get as many players signed up as possible before actually having to pay.

This pilot version is currently only avaialble online.
We have a mobile app forthcoming but we can't guarantee it will be ready in time for the Super Bowl.

We know it's so close to the Super Bowl and there's very little time to set up a new pool. We do apologize for the last minute announcment, but our hope is that we get players signed up, even if it's just to test features and offer your valuable feedback for next season.

So if you're interested, SIGN UP today!

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Thanks for playing,
Pro Pick'em

Each pool costs just $5 to play

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Pro Pick'em does not endorse any form of gambling or wagering.
All services, free or paid, are provider for entertainment purposes.

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